Day 4

After Elephanta falls we visited Shillong peak which is not very far from the falls. It’s an uphill climb. Well it has to be, afterall it’s the peak! You can see the whole of Shillong from here

The most spectacular view is of the mountains covered with a bed of clouds forming a beautiful cloudscape. The railings overlooked a vast forest cover, followed by the Shillong city, its slant roofed buildings and beyond that stood the mighty mountains!


There are two light houses and once you climb them make sure to keep some woolens handy as cold winds will pierce through you at this height! The winds add to the charm of the scenic view you get atop the tower.


One of the lighthouses has a telescope. They charge a fee to let you have a look for 1 minute. We browsed through the whole of city in that 1 minute and could also locate our home during this short trip to Shillong. The peak is flocked by small shops and local vendors catering to the tourists. Among other things, pineapples are sold like hot cakes here!